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Customers who bought the game under the belief its DRM required a one-time only activation angrily responded to the revelations (as brought to the world by the fine eyebrows of RPS) that the game required a connection for every launch.

Demands for refunds were being met with stony silences in every direction, with Ubisoft pointing customers to the retailers.

Dust is generated by many of the processes carried out in the construction industry such as grinding, cutting, drilling or breaking concrete.

At a minimum, this can result in an uncomfortable work environment.

Regarding Text Chat, you can only talk to your contacts/friends in UPlay by bringing UPlay overlay (Shift F2) while in-game, you cannot text a stranger or public chat unfortunately.

Note, any player can disable voice chat from menu, so even if you talk they will not be able to hear you if they have it disabled, to know if he/she has it disabled/enabled, just look next to their names while playing CO-OP, if there is a speaker icon next to their names then they have it enabled and can hear and talk to you, otherwise (no speaker icon) they will not be able to hear nor talk to you.

So instead of this: tag, you might choose to asynchronously load templates as they’re requested.

Or, if you’re using Dust in Node, you could load templates from the filesystem, read them from an in-memory cache, or compile them just-in-time.

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I'm thinking it should ride down the RSI to 30 or a bit lower. I think gold will be bull and top out near 1280-1320. The markets are wild so you need to make your own calls. Bull miners appear to be overbought and the same goes for spot gold. But you have to know my target in DUST is around 60$ in the following 5 weeks... Gold had a nice bull run, but it looked like a strong correction.

(Let’s put in a disclaimer here – this is based on reports from a couple of readers, and Valve are notoriously fickle in these regards.) A couple of readers have contacted us to say that they’ve been receiving emails (sometimes multiple times!

Israel happens to be governed by The Hague.“The Hague Convention protects against child abduction,” she explained. I feel like that wasn’t explained.”The 7-day trip to Jerusalem will more than likely consist of celebrating Passover and catching up with relatives—including Mitchell’s mom, brother and grandmother.“I’m just going to see my mom.… continue reading »

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I'm worried because despising our candidates publicly is very different than despising the people who vote for them," he continued.… continue reading »

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Although prostitution has been widely accepted in Berlin, and Germany as a whole, it was not legalized until in 2002.… continue reading »

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