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This was the first operation in the Afghanistan theater to involve a large number of U. Between March 2 and March 16, 2002 1,700 airlifted U. troops and 1,000 pro-government Afghan militia battled between 300 and 1,000 al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters to obtain control of the valley. Afghan Taliban commander Maulavi Saifur Rehman Mansoor later led Taliban reinforcements to join the battle. It is composed of two distinct areas, the Lower and Upper the Shahi-Kot which run roughly parallel to each other.The Taliban and al-Qaeda forces fired mortars and heavy machine guns from entrenched positions in the caves and ridges of the mountainous terrain at U. In the Lower Shahikot several imposing mountains dominate the landscape; chief among them is Takur Ghar at the southeastern end of the valley; to the northeast is Tsapare Ghar, dominating the northern entrance to the valley.The base is located in the Hīt District of the largely Sunni Al Anbar Governorate, about 100 miles (160 km) west of Baghdad and 5 miles (8.0 km) west of the village of Khan al Baghdadi.

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It was then that the crew realized that in the chaos one of the SEALs — Petty Officer 1st Class Neil Roberts — had fallen out of the helicopter. headquarters at this sprawling air base, the night crew in the operations center maneuvered a Predator unmanned aerial vehicle to monitor the movements of Roberts. Within minutes of falling from the helicopter, Roberts was captured and taken away by al-Qaida guerrillas. Even among the highly trained professionals of the special operations world, Cunningham’s dedication to his job stood out.“He had more motivation than any one man should have,” said Scott, one of Cunningham’s pararescue colleagues.

This is the story of the March 4 battle and one of those heroes. March 4 when an MH-47E Chinook, code-named “Razor 3,” approached Takhur Ghar mountain, known to U. forces as “Objective Ginger.” The mountain dominates the southern end of the Shah-e-Kot Valley, and the dug-in al-Qaida forces there had proven impossible to dislodge in the 48 hours since U. No place offered a more commanding view of the Anaconda battlefield than the top of Takhur Ghar. Razor 3’s crew and remaining SEALs climbed aboard the good aircraft, which flew to a U. On board Razor 1 were about 15 Rangers, as well as an Air Force enlisted tactical air controller, or ETAC, a pair of Air Force combat search- and-rescue pararescue jumpers and another Air Force special operations combat controller.