Dreamweaver template not updating other pages

11-Dec-2018 15:24

AND You change a non-editable portion of the page (if you make a change in an editable portion of the page that change won't pass through.

Sometimesthe files are updated in the server but not in the local files. If the template code is not present then the changes will not be implemented. Changing the dwt file will only update other files if: The other files are based upon the dwt file.

Choose the site you are working on and a list of the files in that site will appear.

Anyway, the nav (links at bottom of website) need to be updated. I uploaded it, but it's not updating the pages on the website that use this template file. When you update the template from within DW, you should get a dialog asking if you want to update all of the files that use the template.

When you click "OK" everything is updated across the site.

You do it with Dreamweaver, which then alters all files stored on your pc using the template. Plesk, or any other control panel, has nothing what so ever to do with a dreamweaver template, only Dreamweaver uses it.

Aaargh - I feel like I've been thrust cruelly to the dark ages.Some time ago, someone mentioned Coldbox, and how easy it was to implement such functionalities.

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