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05-Jan-2019 03:46

Yesterday, Gamespot shook up the tech blogosphere a bit with its account of two dark-skinned employees not being automatically recognized to log in to their Xbox accounts.But Kinect's recognition technology didn't need light, I thought, because it worked using infrared.

But the Microsoft Kinect, a camera that will come connected to every new Xbox One game console, gets a perfect view of your living room.

As part of the Kinect sensor, the RGB camera helps enable facial recognition and more."And unlike the infrared sensor, the RGB camera depends on visible light.

If you turn the lights down low, it will have more trouble identifying you.

Microsoft says it doesn't plan to abuse that power, and claims it couldn't even if it tried.

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The company told us that the Kinect's cameras and microphones aren't actually recording or transmitting any audio or video data back to Microsoft's servers without the user's explicit consent, and all ambiently collected data is anonymized.But it turns out that the facial-recognition software does use the color camera, according to this Microsoft factsheet (.docx).