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Unfortunately, this easy bond makes the fact that Meredith has been lying to Maggie about hooking up with Riggs much, much worse. Derek Shepherd and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)Oof, talk about a rocky relationship. Derek Shepherd and Owen Hunt Compared to Preston Burke, Derek and Owen bonding over their Twisted Sisters was much more believable.They did care about each other, but showed it in less-than-great ways. They were never BFFs, but Derek did let Owen live in his trailer.After reading the Cosmopolitan article where a journalist Tinder messaged guys in NYC using only Carrie Bradshaw quotes, I was inspired.I decided to put the men of Mizzou to the test using only Meredith Grey quotes from .How dare he ask me to "STFU" when he made that crude comment above.He may have been persistent, but I reigned supreme in the end. His opening line was fun yet clean, then he encouraged me to take care of myself and have fun.This dude had to think over our conversation for a week, then took the time to let me know he was completely lost. He extensively apologizes for his cheesy pickup line, then thinks I'm messing with him and later offers some deep insights regarding happiness and love before apologizing for his behavior with a Michael Scott quote. I'm flattered that this dude thought I was quoting a theologist instead of just a fictional tv character.I give this guy points for playing along, but take all those points away for saying "must of" instead of "must have." One minute he's thinking about fast food cheeseburgers and the next minute cookies are on his mind. He may not be the deepest fish in the sea, but he sure seems friendly!

We give them medicine, we give them advice, and most of the time, we give them our undivided attention. The truth is, I don't know anyone who isn't haunted by something or someone. You don't have to be tough every minute of every day. In fact, there are moments when it's the best thing you can possibly do - as long as you choose your moments wisely. But in reality I just wanna say, "Izzie, just because you can do that with your legs doesn't mean that you should. Bailey: [voiceover] As doctors, we know more about the human body now than at any point in our history.

I mean, trying to get your friend fired to save your marriage? They never bonded like the original five, plus they were pretty mean to Heather. Stephanie is Cristina 2.0 and she deserves a Meredith. They were the top two surgeons at Seattle Grace for a hot minute, and they loved a pair of complicated best friends. In short, there needed to be more hugging to make this friendship believable. George deserved better — that dude jumps in front of buses for strangers! I doubt they would be friends if they didn’t work together, but every guy needs another guy’s shoulder to cry on sometimes. Meredith Grey and Maggie Pierce Meredith hasn’t been friends with all of her sisters.

We know how she feels about Amelia, while her relationship with dear, departed Lexie always seemed to stay in the big sister–little sister lane, Meredith and Maggie genuinely seem to enjoy each other and would probably still be buds without the Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) connection.

Turns out Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd) has been called upon by a military hospital for a consult on a man with a massive tumor.

The proposed plan of treatment is basically to create a one-legged man, i.e. One of the other surgeons shamelessly flirts with Jackson, asking whether she can watch the surgery so that she can observe Dr.She's rushed into surgery, and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) - a former cheerleader herself - manages to stop the infighting for a few minutes and teach them all a lesson about priorities.