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I got into a little bit of an argument with my friend the other day over the topic of peeing. My friend was appalled by this.“I mean, she PEED in his bed,” she said. While he was still trying to figure out who was at fault, I quickly jumped out of bed and started making a huge fuss about how gross it was that he had wet the bed and how much of an inconvenience it was going to be for me to wash all my sheets. His roommate's girlfriend had just peed the bed after they were done making ~love~ and his roommate didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Not to mention so f*cking gross.”But, you see, I don't think it was that weird at all. It didn't take long for me to figure out that I was the one who had wet the bed.I mean, I'm married and besides with whom can I do that.""Mate! ""Aw, c'mon we both know how we feel about each other after our little make out session""I'm married""We are doing this to save your life". Then Charming shoved his tongue into Hook's hot mouth.Hook walked towards Charming, rubbing his dick through his leather pants. He loved Charming and always wanted to make love to him. Their tongue danced together and Hook reached David's cock with his hand which was rock hard and started rubbing it.All beer may be yellow, but only Corona visually reminds buyers of this fact even as it passively sits in the bottle.Though the slander generally adheres only to Corona, its theme is jokingly referred to in other bits of popular lore.

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Such snippets lack the malice of the Corona rumor in that they are framed in such a way no one could take them seriously and are thus clearly intended as humor.

Its flagship brew, Corona, became a national brand, and the brewery went on to acquire regional beers like Pacifico, Victoria and Leon. By 1986 Corona ranked second in the United States in imported beers (Heineken led the way). That year, the company first learned of “urine in the beer” slur being attributed to its flagship product when two Nevada grocers pulled the beer from their shelves. Sales were dropping precipitously, so the maligned brewer set about to find the source of the slander and put an end to the rumor.