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Dentists may recommend sedation for long, complex procedures and for patients who are especially young or nervous.

Sedating a patient is normally a very safe procedure, and parents can help reduce the risks and stress level for their child before, during and after the treatment.

A mask delivers a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, and within five minutes, the patient relaxes and experiences euphoric feelings.

At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen is given to the patient to clear out any remaining nitrous oxide.

Six hundred and forty‐seven intensive care physicians from 16 western European countries replied to the questionnaire.

Midazolam was used as a sedative often or always by 63% of respondents and propofol by 35%.

The ketamine worked for all of them after approximately 20 minutes but there were some minor side effects like vomiting and a drop in blood oxygen level.

Safety is parents' top consideration when it comes to their child receiving dental sedation.

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We sought to assess international differences in the prescription of sedative and analgesic drugs in western European ICUs by means of a short, self‐administered questionnaire.Subjects: Event data were obtained for a total of 43 363 patients.Main outcome measure: Reporting of sedation or drowsiness.Oral sedation doesn't put patients to sleep, but it helps them stay calm and relaxed.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, also helps children remain calm.Most people know you can get high on ketamine but the party drug may also be effective in sedating aggressive hospital patients.