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17-Aug-2018 00:23

Satisfyingly nabbed the titles of Best Pop Act and Best British Male out of his five nominations at Brit Awards held on February 15, 2006, James Blunt has really shown that he is more than just a commercial act like some people have considered of.

Aiming to re-release his single of "Wise Men" on March 13, everything seems to run very well for this striking singer as his world tour schedule has been fixed to be conducted around America, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan for the whole month of April.

Born James Hillier-Blount on February 22, 1977 in Tidworth, Wiltshire, James came from a military family who did not listen much to music though his mother did introduce him to musical instruments and had him taken classical grades since he was merely a little boy.

His RP accent is crisp and precise, his vowels perhaps clipped by an institutionalised life at Harrow and then the Army, for whom he worked as a reconnaissance officer. Nevertheless, he says, "whoever reviews my album for your paper will not be brave enough to say they like it – even if they think it's the best album they've ever heard – because they are too worried about how they are going to be perceived.

But I'm cool with that."But is he really cool with that?

It's hard when you're with somebody and you become embroiled in something just because you were seen standing next to someone else.

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On December 13 last year, James Blunt tweeted: “If you thought 2016 was bad — I’m releasing an album in 2017.” Twitter has been the launch pad for a makeover for the singer, with people who thought he was bland discovering he is actually very funny. It clearly means a lot to him, tears forming as he talks about his late friend. Long story short; if a leader receives a vote of non-confidence from their subordinates…game over." link Wikipedia UPDATE 6/20/17 : Thanks to a reader, we have learned that Harvest Bible Fellowship is now a member of the SBC. This is a major development in the evangelical world.