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17-Jul-2018 07:03

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My son told me yesterday that he doesn’t think he will be dating this year since he refuses to date any girl who smokes. I wonder if the group of girls that I see collected outside of his school in the morning having one more smoke before the school day begins realize that because of their habit they are missing out on a real catch. And since here in Paris (where I live at the moment) smoking is so prevalent, these girls may never need to worry that they are limiting their prospects on the dating market just because they started smoking when they were twelve.Smoking habits do matter on the North American dating market, though, and online daters seem to recognize that.

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According to the Centre for Disease control 19% of all Americans smoke, so if non-smokers prefer to date other non-smokers then smokers are searching on a dating market that is roughly one quarter of the size of the non-smoking dating market.

The marriage data suggests that people do tend to end up with people who have similar smoking habits as themselves.

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