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If you are asked to cease a certain behavior, you must do so or you may lose your chat room privileges. If someone is bothering you, contact one of the moderators (appear in gold) in the room or AC38 (appears in red).If there is no moderator in the room, save the room log and email it to AC38 ([email protected]).The result is an active speaker that behaves equally well across the entire sound field¢DEEP and excursion limiting allow for extended low-frequency response by actively managing low-frequency transients without degradation of the underlying signal or adjacent frequencies¢Guard Rail protection, first introduced on QSC's GX Series amplifiers protects both the amplifier module and your performance from unnatural and destructive clipping Connectivity: The QSC KW181 subwoofer speaker features dual balanced female XLR / 1/4" line level‰input, dual balanced male XLR full-range line leave out, remote gain control via a potentiometer (sold separately), and a locking IEC power connector.Control: The QSC KW181 speaker has an LF switch which can be set to NORM, DEEP for additional bass extension.Unless you know how to receive a PUNISHMENT you can’t understand the head-space and limits of the person you are PUNISHING. I am an expert in dishing out corporal punishment to wayward boys and really enjoy role-play.I am very imaginative and pride myself in creating the right ambience to play out these scenarios in a safe and clean environment.

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