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11-Oct-2018 03:04

Major props to Audrey for learning that in a few hours.

Overall, it was a beautifully danced routine but for me there was something missing that I wasn’t connecting with…this is where the rehearsal footage )that was missing tonight) usually helps me filling what the dance is about.

The All-Stars open up the first live show of the season with a great Mandy Moore routine.

Stephan and Sharie put up a scintillating Argentine tango routine while Kong Eu and Shueh Miin captivated the audience with their rhythm tap dance.Dassy and Fik Shun: Choreo: Poppin’ Pete I love these two together and I agree with Mary that Fik Shun has met his match in Dassy. Dassy personality really shines and I’m looking forward to seeing what else these two can do.