Tweet and missy elliott dating

15-Aug-2018 14:02

Smooth, sultry and soulful, a combination that’s almost always sure to spark things up.

All Hip got the opportunity to chat with Tweet to talk new music, her “case” against Twitter and whether or not she’s on good terms with Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

All Hip We keep hearing ‘Tweet is coming back’, we’re ready.

Tweet: I’ve been ready since 2007 to put something out and it’s finally here.

In 2002, Tweet's Timbaland-produced hit single "Oops (Oh My)" became an instant classic of the era.

But is she worried about not reaching the top of the charts?All Hip Why do you think it’s important now to release your music, than five years ago? All Hip Talk to me about “Enough”, the first single off of .Tweet: From five years ago up until now, I’m writing about stuff that I go through. I just go through everything everybody else go through. Tweet: It’s the first song we’ve released from the EP. All Hip People can say what they want to say, but no one can say that you cannot sing.Media Takeout reported on Wednesday that an insider source said Elliott's relationship with the budding singer is more than professional-- they have been dating for five year and wed "earlier this year." In photos published on The YBF, Elliott and Sharaya are shopping with costume designer Patricia Field near her New York City boutique. She wrote and produced Fantasia's hit summer single which features guest vocals from Kelly Rowland.

The report refers to Elliott's recording artist as her "friend." Enstars spoke to a source close to Elliott who denied the wedding claim. Music producer Timbaland announced on Twitter that Elliott would be releasing two singles earlier this month.

Love lost, love found, happiness, joy, all the emotions and everyday life experiences. Tweet: I’ve never professed to be the best singer in the world. All Hip Do you like the sound of what you’ve been hearing? Tweet: I don’t really do music to compete or try to stay in the now. All Hip Are you working with any of the same camp? Tweet: Yes, there is a case, and there is room for that. All Hip Anything else the people should know?