Updating jeppfd to 1 1 0

12-Sep-2018 04:00

Select your desired Coverage Code and prepare it to the installation process to activate your area chart/info.

It was big news last month when Jeppesen and Fore Flight announced a deal to collaborate on charting data and app development.

Just so i can get to the information hidden under the lower right buttons and so I don't have to use this useless app.

Jeppesen Mobile Flite Deck 2.9 is a powerful, complete mobile electronic flight bag (EFB) solution that includes the high quality charting that Jeppesen is known for, dynamic chart rendering, and all of the information that you need to fly paperless. If there is one app that I need to run smoothly without crashing, this is it.

Select your desired Activation (Coverage) Codes, then your area charts/info will be activated on your Jeppview software.

I'm looking for 3 additional people interested in sharing the costs of a Jeppesen e-chart (IFR) subscription (for EU only).