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That's why there are zillions of rich text editor projects out there, but only a tiny handful that can be trusted to work across Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox and Chrome in a reliable and predictable fashion. I recommend CKEditor because it has a larger development community behind it than Tiny MCE, and when things go wrong, a larger open source community equals quicker fixes.

Subtract the editors that have problematic or non-free licenses or dependencies on Java Script frameworks most people don't use, and you're left with two options that are pretty much guaranteed to work. You're probably thinking of FCKEditor, which had a well-deserved reputation for being "heavier" than Tiny MCE.

If no name is specified, the name of the control's content node is used instead to store the field value. A two-letter language identifier (en, ge, fr etc.) is displayed on controls where i18n is set to Tab is a control that lets you organize a dialog into a tabs. This property allows you to set a starting point for the browsing.

Determines the name of the data node where the value entered by the user is stored. This allows authors to write foreign language or regionally targeted content.

The following explains how to incorporate FCKeditor using Code Igniter's 1.4x Libraries.

Place your FCKeditor files in your CI base directory (in this example I've put the files under a folder called plugins).

The property value is then stored as an HTML fragment that can be included in a page on your Web site.The value needs to be the name of the tree configuration.