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In the old days, Sephora gave out free samples with every purchase — you never really knew what you were going to get, but man, those little bottles of extra stuff were fun. You must sign up for their Beauty Insider program (yet another card for your wallet or keychain), and present the card when you buy something.

I read it religiously, comments and all, and am determined to slowly try all the stuff that has sounded so attractive but has come with a sadly unattractive price tag. The second way is Sephora’s Beauty Insider program.

Just give them poor guys a break and don't judge them for once. __LISTSEPARATOR____START__Every man is a potential molester. This, girls, is just like saying every girl who wears a short skirt is a slut.

While it's ok for women to openly look at and admire men, if a man so much as tries to even glance at a woman (and we're not talking of ogling or lustfully staring here) he is labelled a cheapo and despo.

As a smart business woman, I knew something was wrong. You self centered men are so wrapped up in yourselves you dont see the good women because we are real, you pigs want big boobs, tall and skinny, long blonde hair, flawless skin, but dumbasses thats a hooker on your street corner...

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But if he glances at you in passing, he probably only thinks how pretty you look. Obviously, it irritates men that it is perfectly acceptable for girls to look at a man and sometimes even comment and giggle (in groups) but dare a man try and even smile at a girl.Nonetheless, it is hugely embarrassing for the company.